Cancellation Policy

A Cancellation of an order happens when one of our Customers decides not to take an order even though they had already confirmed and paid for the item.

A cancellation of an order happens WHEN an order has not been shipped off or dispatched from our address to the customer address. 

At ArtayaUK, we happily accept cancellation of orders with "Full Refund of any Charges incurred" IF the request is submitted before products are dispatched to the customer.

Our service delivery is very time conscious and we process deliveries in a 24 hours' period from time of purchase.

For your Cancellation Request to be accepted, Please Contact Us in NOT more than 12 Hrs. since said purchase.

Please NOTE; Any Order Cancellation Requests submitted past 12 hours of purchase of items WILL NOT be accepted.

We are proud to have you as our esteemed customer.